Welcome to the Security Maturity Survey

Welcome to the Logicalis Security Maturity Survey site. At Logicalis we always tell our customers to adopt an industry-recognized and mature control framework such as CIS Controls or NIST CSF. Yet a subset of our customers continues to ask for something simpler with a faster time to value that could later be mapped to a recognized control framework.

After identifying yourself and your organization you will be asked a series of questions where the answers are simply "Yes", or "No" and a person knowledgeable with your organization should be able to complete in under 20 minutes.

Upon completion, your answers will be scored against Logicalis' security maturity model which provides a quantitative score from 1 to 100 in four sections (Program, Network, Endpoint, and Cloud) as well as an overall score from 1 to 100. Immediately upon completion you will receive your overall score and may obtain a more detailed report from your Logicalis Account Executive.
Please visit our security microsite at https://www.us.logicalis.com/security where there are many resources available.